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Hi, My Name Is

Mar Yvan Dela Cruz

Started to learn programming language when i was in Elementary School, learning it mostly day by day self taught, I'm interested in Code because it's fun to work it and it looks cool. I learn everything through the communities, groups, and several forums on the internet. In 8th Grade of Junior High School i have started my developing on the Android Ecosystem, after that i Continued my Works by doing different projects in Android. After i graduated from Junior High School, i've been able to pass in some University Exams, I take ICT in Senior High School, didn't regret that i take it, because i like doing the things i'm passionate of, but my journey didn't end there, at the time, i'm still contributing to the Android Community, and i'm very happy because i succeed to create our very own android based OS called Komodo OS. I might take engineering or some sort in the Future. Yeah. i'm happy and proud to do this kind of stuff without the help of others, LOL.


  • Birthday: July 08, 2004
  • Age: 17
  • Phone: +63 927 227 6283
  • City: Caloocan, Metropolitan Manila
  • Email: xevanprjkt@gmail.com


  • IX F Computer College
    Information and Communications Technology
  • Sampaguita High School
    Graduated in 2019 | Junior High School
  • St. James Christian Academy
    Graduated in 2015 | IX F Elementary


Happy times

My Childhood

I fall in love with technology since i was a child, My childhood has been accompanied by technology, playing computer, playing games, and it has brought me to this day, and until now I still like it, and I'm sure it will bring me to my world tomorrow.

I know basic things programing thing like:

  • C++
  • Java
  • HTML5
  • Typescript
  • Python






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